Helping your business develop strategies to improve employee health and wellbeing in the workplace and for those working from home. 

Develop & Facilitate Wellbeing Strategy

Establish what your business needs and how we can help

We use employee satisfaction survey data to quantify what challenges your business is facing. This could could include: high work stress; unachievable work load; poor relationships; low employee engagement, job satisfafction or feeling valued. We set targets together and work with your Senior Leadership Team to develop new processes such as Employee Assistance Plans and Health First Aiders to recognise and address these problems, creating a positive working culture with staff who want to achieve and deliver.

Reduced Absenteeism & Increased Profits

Reduced Stress & Physical Illness

Did you know employees in the UK take an average of 15 sick days per year, costing the economy billions. Having higher staff engagement leads to improved productivity. Lower stress leads to less sick days. Feeling more valued leads to long term company loyalty. Results show all of these factors ultimately results in up to 20% increased profitability.