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Nutrition and productivity

Did you know?

Despite consistent health warnings from medical experts about the importance of following a healthy diet, the general population continue to ignore warnings and or find it difficult to eat healthily.

Why is this?

This is primarily because we are living in an obesogenic environment where less than healthier choices are the default, which encourage excess weight gain and obesity.” (PHE, 2017).

Naturally, if employees are working long hours or are feeling pressure and stress in other areas of their life, the most simple and most appealing option is to opt for fast food based meals and snacks. Such foods tend to be high in sugar and fat. These meals give a person an immediate feeling of satisfaction and happiness. However, doing this on an ongoing basis can lead to both physical illnesses and poor mental health.

What about my business?

Healthy employees are beneficial to your business! Healthy people are more productive and motivated and will be far less likely to be absent from work. PHE states that employees in good health can be three times more productive.

What can I do?

As an employer you have an awesome opportunity to encourage healthy eating and drinking since your employees likely spend hours at work! This will improve employee quality of life in terms of mental and physical health and reduce the risk of serious health complaints such as; heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. This in turn will stimulate a far more productive workforce.

Evolve top tips include:

· Implementing a healthy eating policy and raising awareness of this

· Provide a clean area for preparing food, with a fridge, microwave and kettle

· Provide free fruit

· Stock vending machines and cafes with healthy foods, that are lower in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and higher in fibre, fruit and vegetables.

· Having a central place for sharing healthy recipes

· Offering free healthy eating workshops where employees are shown how to prepare healthy recipes

· Promoting national campaigns such as:

*Public Health England (2017) Health Matters, Obesity and the Food Environment [webpage]. Retrieved from:

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