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We couldn't agree more!

The Global Wellness Institute's Future of Wellness Report 2016 says:

"The future of work requires us to bring high levels of motivation, energy, and creativity in order to create value. We must be in a good state of physical, mental, and emotional wellness to be able to bring these qualities to work each day. Therefore, workplace wellness will be even more tightly woven with individual and organizational performance. For business and organizations to survive and thrive, it is essential that they nourish and cultivate this human energy and support the wellness of their employees in all dimensions"

"The findings surprised us: we saw significant, diverse and positive implications when a company is perceived to “care” about an employee’s personal wellness, and extremely negative outcomes when it was perceived as a “non-caring” company,” said Global Wellness Institute Chairman & CEO Susie Ellis. “And we found that caring companies tackle not just ‘tangibles’ like healthy food and workspaces, they address emotional, relational, organizational, intellectual and financial ‘wellness’ at work (whether it’s giving workers more work flexibility or encouraging socializing and friendships).”

Ellis noted that being a company that “cares” is easier than management may think. And while intangible “work culture” components may seem elusive, the research shows that they are the true drivers of health and productivity – according to employees. Both studies reach the same conclusion: the current, compartmentalized “programmatic” approaches to workplace wellness will disappear in the future, and companies will reorient their wellness strategies around culture-wide “caring,” paying close attention to what that means for their particular workforce.

Click here to read the full report.

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